What causes the shortage of skilled workers?

Many people wonder, when they see the airports, what happened here? What causes the shortage of skilled workers? Chaos through all the halls of clearance. The restaurant industry is groaning and looking for staff. It seems like everyone has kind of flown off on vacation. If it were not for the cancellation of the flights, one could actually ponder in this way. However, the current situation has its origins in the pandemic on the one hand, and on the other hand, the signs of the problem with the shortage of skilled workers were set long before. Skilled workers are desperately needed!

What causes the shortage of skilled workers?

From lockdown to lockdown from measures to measures

There was no end to it. Retailers suffered from the strict Corona measures, the restaurant industry saw a drop in sales due to the strict regulations, and the lockdown left a trail of devastation from hairdressers to beauty salons to hotels. Nerves were on edge in many places. No job means no money. The students, who were dependent on their mini-jobs, switched to other jobs. Important staff, which was missing especially in the catering industry. With the uncertainties no one wanted to plan anymore, those who depended on their income needed a new job. Some of the emergency aid had to be repaid or was not paid out. If the assistance was available, it was a drop in the bucket for many a company. But where have they gone, the skilled workers? What jobs do they have today?

Healthcare and administration affected by shortage of skilled workers

Anyone who looks at the figures can see what must have happened. During the pandemic, there was a desperate need for health care workers. Here were suddenly open jobs. There was retraining, further training, and simply retooling. Contact tracking needed to be staffed. The quarantine was monitored and the measures had to be controlled. Many a landlord received regular visits from the regulatory office, like the hairdresser and the beauty salon. Newly created jobs were filled by personnel who had literally fled from other companies.

The administrative offices have grown considerably. It was looked that the next job became “health safe. Industries, such as restaurants and hoteliers, which have struggled for years to get suitable personnel to fill their job openings, now face almost intractable problems. There is one more day of rest or the opening hours have been shortened. This is one problem in the overall malaise, but the cause of the skills shortage runs even deeper.

What causes the shortage of skilled workers?

The age pyramid and the associated problems for jobs

“Skilled labor shortage” became the buzzword. Immigration should solve the problem of the lack of skilled workers. But this was a misconception. It is hotly debated on the talk shows and everyone knows a little better than the other where the future skilled workers should come from. First and foremost, the question arises: “What is the shortage of skilled workers really about? We speak of a shortage of skilled workers when no more than two job seekers apply for a vacant position.

Looking at the age pyramid, it is clear that the population is shrinking. Many of the previous employees are retiring. It is not possible that these missing workers will be replaced quickly enough. By 2030, there will be almost 4 million fewer workers available. Moreover, the baby boomers are over. Immigration is present, but it has been shown time and again that only a small proportion of these are young and well-educated professionals. These jobs are simply not being adequately filled by skilled workers from abroad. The shortage of skilled workers remains, despite immigration.

The fight against the shortage of skilled workers and for the best jobs

All over the world, parents want their children to graduate from high school and go to college. You should have it better for once. The fact that craftsmanship has “golden soil” is forgotten here. On the contrary, a trend developed which did not put the manual and above all productive professions in a good light. In TV seeks farmer woman and agriculture is not put in a good light and the saying: “Who becomes nothing, becomes a host”. The grandmother titled: “Bub, learn something, otherwise you’ll end up at the garbage disposal!”. But it is the productive professions that a country needs. Recognizing this in society will take some time. Even today, there is a longer wait for tradesmen, because businesses are busy and will be during a pandemic. The jobs need young people who can be employed as skilled workers after their training.

Three sectors of the economy where almost all companies and the best professionals are struggling. These include:

  • the academic professions
  • Craft
  • Professionals in the STEM subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural science as well as technology)
  • Logistics
  • Nursing and health care professions
  • Social Work Professions

What causes the shortage of skilled workers?

What are the causes and reasons for the shortage of skilled workers for many years?

It has long been the case that there is a shortage of skilled workers in certain jobs. Bottlenecks are normal because markets function dynamically. But this problem is not meant by this. The skills shortage is about the fact that without filling the open jobs, the ability to do business is threatened. Immigration to date does not solve the problem of job openings. The earlier departure of employees also exacerbated the situation. This generation could still afford to retire at the age of 63 at its own expense. This even went so far that wealthy people or people who had inherited a large sum of money or real estate left the company in their mid-50s.

Many job requirements became more demanding. The digitized world of work was changing rapidly. The companies are also constantly raising their requirements. A job description reads in part like a small technical dissertation. This approach deters even skilled workers. If you don’t constantly educate yourself, you’ll eventually fall by the wayside completely. Former specialists were suddenly on the hit list. In addition, there were more and more students and fewer trainees. This inevitably leads to fewer skilled workers and fewer jobs filled. Moreover, the associations themselves did too little to attract specialists.

Structural change as the cause of the shortage of skilled workers

If a country is undergoing structural change, then there will be a shortage of skilled workers. The best professionals are looking for jobs in the service sectors. Who wants to get their hands dirty today? Large corporations and midsize companies have recognized the problem. You secure the best craftsmen and women. And last but not least, this country is experiencing emigration. Many people disagree with the way the pandemic is going. Politics plays its part in the fact that qualified professionals have left the country and will continue to do so.