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Shortage of skilled workers – a serious problem for the future

End the shortage of skilled workers through jobs from abroad but how? The shortage of skilled workers has major consequences due to the lack of personnel. Due to the unfilled positions, production and services are partially at a standstill. This problem will continue over the next few years and require companies to close. We do not only bring you perfect applicants* and that Europe-wide, but enlighten you for more success in your search.

1.Your requirement profile:

Creating a job description sometimes seems harder than it is. The first priority is to create a job profile for the position. It is important that this profile is as precise as possible, taking into account the target group for which the job is intended.

2.Where should the advertisement appear

In today’s times, digitalization plays a major role, job ads in newspapers make little sense. Various channels such as social media, job boards or through employee recommendations bring a wide range of choice. My-job.work is the perfect partner for you to get out of the shortage of skilled workers. We list your job ads in up to 20 different portals (XING, Linkedin…)

3.Find skilled workers quickly

The shortage of skilled workers costs time and money. As long as jobs are unfilled, productivity suffers. Additional turnover is also lost. Therefore, it is worthwhile to get support through services such as job boards. Recruitment agencies are often expensive and involve a lot of bureaucracy. We are at your side so that you can start with your new employees!

The shortage of skilled workers is also a major topic in politics. There is talk of an acute shortage of skilled workers. According to various statistics, Germany and Austria are at an all-time high. A wide variety of disciplines are looking for personnel.

Whether in the MINT, i.e. mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology or medicine sectors, bottlenecks can be found everywhere. However, more than 50% of open jobs can be found in health, social services, teaching and education.

“The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.”
                   Bill Gates, CEO Microsoft

Training or studying?

Young people born between 1995 and 2010 (Generation Z) prefer to study. The background thought here is that the future profession should not only provide a living, but should also be family-friendly, provide career opportunities and offer plenty of free time. The trend is increasingly toward academization, which at the same time means a decline in the number of apprentices.


But what is a skilled worker?

A person who has completed a manual training or an academic education of at least two years is defined as a specialist! So anyone who has completed training is considered a skilled worker.

     „Hiring the best is our most important task“
         Steve Jobs, CEO Apple


What added value do we offer you against the shortage of skilled workers?

With my-job.work you can advertise any job directly and without an intermediary, all over Europe. We are not an intermediary, you contact the applicant directly. You decide which language the applicant must be able to speak. Through us you have access to up to 20 portals (XING, Linkedin, Google, etc.) on which your job will be listed by us.

Your job offer will be listed in the language you choose.