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With the right product design, products come to life-Jobs/ Vacancies for Product Design Specialist Assistant from France.

Creative people often have innovative ideas. To turn them into a saleable product, they need jobs/ vacancies for specialist assistant for product design from France. Drawings and concepts follow until the vision becomes reality. A product design assistant provides active support in this process. On, professionals can find numerous job offers in a wide range of sectors, from large industrial companies to one-man businesses.

Training and Activity-Jobs/ Vacancies for Product Design Assistant from France

Professionals who want to work as a product design assistant usually complete an apprenticeship. This includes school-based training as well as training at a vocational college and an internship company. Product design assistants work on the development and design of all kinds of products. This can range in the area of tableware, accessories, medical devices, tools to vehicles and transportation. They participate in the design concepts, look for alternative solutions and discuss this with the customer. Then it’s on to designing, planning and finalizing the look. A precise task is defined, as are the general conditions. Then idea sketches and models are created, usually on the computer.

One of the tasks of the specialist assistant for product design is the calculation of manufacturing costs. Material deliveries and logistics are organized and presentations for the new product are prepared. Various advertising measures and the implementation of trade fair planning are also part of the program.

Jobs/ Stellenangebote für Fachkraft Assistent/in für Produktdesign aus Frankreich

The Job Location/ Job Vacancies for Product Design Specialist Assistant from France

Professionals can find job opportunities in design studios, in development and design departments of investment and consumer goods manufacturers. The job offers work in offices, technical laboratories or test laboratories, in production rooms, meeting rooms or workshops. In some cases, employment takes place directly at the customer’s site. This may be before the start of the new design, when it is time to learn the background and basis of the new item. Most often, meetings are required more towards the end of product planning-.

The requirements-Jobs/ Vacancies for Product Design Assistant from France

An intermediate level of education is expected to complete the training. Those who choose this profession should have a sense of aesthetics, have creativity and be able to develop and design new products. Skill is also required when it comes to assembling models from different materials. Drawing skills for making designs and sketches are also a basis. Furthermore, the specialist should have technical understanding, for example to understand the product functions and to incorporate these into the design. A confident manner in dealing with customers and a corresponding customer orientation are desired, which is required by numerous job offers. Furthermore, an assistant for product design should be responsive to the wishes of the customers when making the designs.

School subjects during the training are:

  • Art – for the design of different proposals
  • Mathematics – for calculating angles of inclination and surfaces
  • German – for meetings with suppliers and customers

The perspective in terms of jobs/job offers for specialist assistant for product design from France

Specialists in product design are always in demand, new products will always exist on the market. This in turn can only be marketed if everything is right all around, from development to presentation to the consumer.

Job opportunities in technical product design

Anyone who has completed a degree in technical product design then fulfills the requirements of a designer as well as an engineer. This gives you a clear advantage when it comes to jobs; you can work in a wide variety of industries and professions. Whether it’s furniture, cars or high-tech products, talented professionals are in demand, on MyJob.Work the search in terms of job offers is easy. If you want to deepen and expand your knowledge even further, you can complete a variety of master’s degree programs. An international Bachelor of Science degree provides the best prerequisites. The degrees of various European countries are recognized in this context.

Combine your creativity with a passion for technology and develop innovative designs. In industrial product design, technical expertise, a feel for consumer behavior and a wealth of ideas are required. Existing products are re-imagined, new products are designed and created with an appealing design. User-friendliness, suitable materials as well as efficient production are also part of product design.

Jobs/ Stellenangebote für Fachkraft Assistent/in für Produktdesign aus Frankreich

Jobs for technical product designers

Companies are always launching new products on the market. For this purpose, enormous sums are invested in research and development months or even years in advance. Not only the appearance plays a role in new products, but also the functionality is crucial. A specialist working as a product design assistant will find many job offers in the field of industrial product design. Here, technical know-how and design are optimized. The focus is usually on industrially manufactured capital or consumer goods such as high-tech appliances, furniture or vehicles. Expertise in construction, mechanics, drafting, production techniques, drawing, materials science, CAD, modeling, physics, and mathematics are required. Continuing education is useful, such as modern work techniques. Specialists in the combination of designer and engineer are in high demand. Those who have already gained experience abroad can find very interesting jobs in all industries.

Engineering plays a big role in product design jobs/ Job offers for specialist assistant for product design from France

The combination of technical knowledge and design creates the ideal conditions for specialists in product design. The focus is on the development of optics and production of high-quality devices and more. Especially in the field of furniture and modern technical devices you can find a lot of job offers. This involves the entire process from the design of new products, from the idea to the packaging, from the procurement of materials to production and marketing. The main focus should be on suitable materials and efficient production processes. A specialist as a product design assistant supports the designer in all processes. Skills from various fields are required, such as mechanics, production techniques, construction, multi-dimensional design and modeling.

Necessary skills and tasks of the specialist:

  • Analysis of existing products
  • Further development of finished components
  • Design and construction of prototypes
  • Sketching ability
  • modeling on the computer
  • Creative thinking
  • Confident in using desktop publishing software, e.g. Illustrator, InDesign or Adobe Photoshop
  • Ideas and imagination to visualize the concept idea
  • Presentation to the team or client

Technical product design jobs additionally involve bringing mental designs to life in three-dimensional models. Design and engineering are coordinated, resulting in components, mechanical equipment or commodities. Future security and an appropriate salary can be expected, although remuneration varies according to industry. Especially in mechanical and plant engineering, skilled workers can find lucrative jobs as a specialist assistant for product design. is the ideal platform where everyone can find the job vacancies that are suitable for them. Direct contact with the potential employer is possible in an uncomplicated way.